Business Brokerage

By partnering with experienced industry leaders, we are able to provide strategic solutions to all of your business disposition & acquisition needs. Whether combined with real property or being sold as a business entity only, our valuation and marketing strategies will be your guide to simplify and expedite the often complex process of buying or selling a business. We assist in business valuation, confidential offerings, negotiation and facilitate all other aspects through closing.


Conway Commercial Group LLC in partnership with United Brokers Group LLC works with leading third party experts for business valuation requirements.  Business valuations vary by need, by state, and often by court. We often refer valuation inquiries to qualified experts who hold one or more of the five SBA Qualified Source credentials.

For transactions with selling prices in excess of $250,000, or goodwill exceeding $250,000, we recommend third party business valuations. We work with CPAs and properly credentialed business appraisers that provide these valuations. We can provide you with a list of SBA recognized professional designations with definitions to help you determine suitable valuation methods for your business.

We also subscribe to, and participate in, leading small business valuation databases and guides. Third party valuations provide objective support for asking prices and often expedite the lending process. We often recommend Boston Valuation Services who provide a range of different credentialed business valuation services nationwide.

Contact us today to confidentially discuss your valuation requirements so we can recommend your best third party expert options.